Our Story

Originating from Toronto, a city well known for multiculturalism, Freedom 83 took its first steps into the world of high-quality apparel in 2016, focusing on streetwear. Committed to bringing to life a vision and delivering a message, our brand holds strong roots in culture and activism.

Freedom takes on many meanings, and what it represents to each individual will always remain inherently unique. For some, Freedom meant fleeing their native country during times of war and seeking refuge elsewhere to escape the turmoil.

Freedom 83 pays homage to the Sri Lankan civil war victims, which began in 1983. Finding Freedom since 1983 is a phrase we coined to represent those fleeing and seeking safety. Our apparel speaks to the strength and resiliency of any and all individuals who have had to endure a struggle. Wearing your empowerment proudly reminds us that we are all connected by our experiences.

Our streetwear brand embodies every aspect of Freedom by creating designs that make a bold statement while remaining fashion-forward. Each design is crafted with passion and immaculate attention to detail from ethically-sourced materials that support locals. For every apparel purchase made, a portion of the proceeds is donated to help educate youth. We uphold, with great regard, the principle of educating youth with the necessary skills to navigate the real world. We strongly believe in sustaining education, as the younger generations will shape our future.

Independently owned and operated, our work ethic and dedication remain unwavering, as we are committed to delivering top-of-the-line clothing. We continue to stay true to our roots and seek collaborative growth in a dynamic world, as together, we are #CollectivelyUnbreakable